How to increase the volume of an mp3 with Mp3Gain PRO?

Increase the volume of a mp3

If you compare the volume levels of two random mp3s, almost certainly find themselves having different volume levels and that creates that sound good when played together. If this happens in two mp3s, imagine the madness that will be the disparity in volume levels in 500 or a thousand mp3s. It is as if the whole collection urgently needed a marked increase in the volume, a volume boost, a normalization. The other option available is always change the EQ with each new song that is played and raise or lower the volume knob, no picnic! .

But then comes the question:
How to increase the volume of an mp3 without suffering in the attempt? Because you will download several programs that promise the long awaited increase in volume and only will give you headaches. Is not easy, because the mp3 is encoded, so that the volume is not something you can calculate and modify easily. The music is divided into tiny frames of less than one thousandth of a second each, in fact there 44.100 frames per second, resulting in something like 7 million individual frames in an mp3 of only 3 minutes long. .

Therefore an efficient need to read individually normalizing each of those 7 million frames, estimate changes increase the volume and achieve harmonic mode, each leading to the highest possible volume mp3, the most optimal volume, we could say. MP3Gain analyzes each of the millions of frames and using complex load balancing and curves get an mp3 you need to increase volume level properly, successfully.

If you listen to the mp3 standard care with MP3Gain PRO would capture the nom volumes increased but there was an overall increase individual musical instrument. It's amazing, but modern technology is able to process it. Finally, there are two or are thousand mo3 files you own, be able to enjoy without having to be moving the EQ and the volume knob every time he finishes a mp3 and the next begins. Even his friend shall receive the new quality that shows his collection of mp3s.

Structure of an MP3 file

Mp3 file is made up of different MP3 frames which in turn are composed of a header and data Mp3 MP3. This data stream is the "elementary stream". Each of the frames are independent, ie, a person can cut the frame of an MP3 file and then play on any MP3 player market. The header consists of a synchronizing word which is used to indicate the beginning of a valid frame. Following are a series of bits that indicate that the scanned file is a file and if using Standard MPEG Layer 3 or not. After all this, the values differ depending on the MP3 file. Value ranges are defined in ISO / IEC 11172-3.