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Increase the volume of a mp3 with Mp3Gain PRO

Any of us who have a large collection of mp3s are disappointed to see that some have a very low volume compared to other mp3s. The desire would always be listening as the radio, all songs sound the same level. As they succeed?

Mp3 Leveling with Mp3Gain PRO

In FM radio professionals to avoid these problems volumes uneven levels, they use a compressor that prevents the existence of saturation, but also prevents the existence sounds too weak. This is known as an audio compressor. The first worked with bulbs, there were many years ago when the radio detected the same problem desnivels of volumes between songs. MP3Gain PRO uses an algorithm so advanced, which among other things also functions as a compressor of the FM radios. Clear that those compressors cost millions. So you can enjoy an mp3 normalizer which also clarify the weaker sounds, will make them have more presence, so you do not miss anything, to hear each musical passage and each instrument at the appropriate level. So definitely not the same thing using a normalizer to use MP3Gain any PRO, for this, among all the other capabilities, the surprising ability adds a sophisticated compressor.

You will b able to listen at home or in your car your mp3 files all at the same volume, and all musical lospasajes clear, as if listening to the radio, thanks to MP3Gain PRO.

Let's see what the definicion of a compressor:

In the field of sound professional, a compressor is an electronic sound processor designed to reduce the dynamic range of the signal.Electronics have traditionally been one or two rack units, but in recent years have seen versions "software" of them.A compressor acts to attenuate the electrical signal into a quantity (normally measured in decibels) and from a given input level. The goal is to get the resulting dynamic excursion is less than the original, protect certain equipment against possible signal peaks or if it's an overdrive sound attempt to conceal the error.In the field of music, ranging from applications use recorded music for the direct sound. For example, they often use to add more punch to the sound effect achieved by compressing the signal, to apply a gain to the output of the device, which usually cover possible failures of interpretation by the artist, at least in refers to the dynamic control.A compressor is highly recommended (and certain musical styles, indispensable) for when using an electric bass. The effect of "slapping" (hitting the strings with your finger) produces extremely high peak output (20dB or 10 times more than normal), which generate low output distortion, and high volume (as in recitals) can cause serious damage to the amplifier, and even the speaker (an excess of "outing" may cause the speaker to tear his suspension). Even if (theory) of a music system with infinite dynamic range, the difference, aurally speaking, using or not the compressor is imperceptible.