Mp3Gain PRO – User’s Review

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Amazing software. Absolutely wonderful. I was just searching on the web which can normalize my old CDs and mp3s. Because most of them are either too quiet or too loud. This software made my old CDs shine again!!

Are you selling this in Japanese [...]

Mp3Gain-PRO User review

Mp3Gain-PRO User review

I have been a manager of FM radio stations in northern Italy for several years. Whenever I had to invest thousands of dollars in limiters and compressors to achieve consistency in volume niverles. Now I find, with pleasure, that this software is as efficient as hardware that costs thousands of dollars.

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Mp3Gain PRO – Another user review

Mp3Gain PRO – Another user review

I have a huge collection of mp3s, I’ve been collecting for years meticulously. I have a catalog of over 10,000 CDs all legal) and gone mp3 passing them over time. But I have found differences in the volume that both mentioned and I wanted all my mp3 sounded same [...]

Mp3Gain PRO – User review 2012

I searched for several years, and I’m not exaggerating, any program that was effective in getting equal volume of my mp3s. I found some editors like Audacity performing this function more or less, not too good, but the worst thing is that it was necessary to do it yourself manualmenmte with every mp3 and as [...]

Mp3Gain Q&A

— Help with mp3gain program? See the problem is so, in my pc I can hear perfectly my itunes mp3 and q the volume levels automatically, but when you connect the iPod in an external player (stereo, car, etc …) I have q be up and down the volume all the time. So I use [...]

Mp3Gain PRO – User review

Mp3Gain PRO Review

This review applies to version 1.2. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

MP3Gain PRO is a very useful program that can help you normalize the volume of your MP3 files. With this program you can level the music with different volume levels.

You only [...]

Mp3Gain Review


The different methods by which the audio recording have less dynamic range than the reality. Therefore compressors are used to allow all the sounds are recorded to be imperceptible physical limitations. This leads, in one way or another, to use some sort of standardization when it intended to reproduce sound recordings. As in popular [...]

Mp3Gain PRO user Review

Mp3Gain PRO user Review

I enjoy listening to my mp3 music in my car, I have a very high quality player in the car. Reason for which I am very sensitive to changes, not only volume but quality bass, treble and bass. So to find the MP3Gain PRO I was finally able to match the [...]