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Here are some of the most recinetes questions we receive via email:

— *****? Compress MP3′s and takes them the volume? As? ****?
I downloaded mp3s from WAP pages on my cel that weigh very little but their quality is amazing, its volume is very high too. How? Is there any software for that? Somebody give me some information or help, thanks.

— mp3 editing?
How about? Can you recommend that program down to edit my mp3? what I need is to equalize the volume between several tracks for a CD I’m putting together.
Nero used to use the same, but need not be unresponsive.
Please thank them prompt replies, as I put together this CD for delivery by the MAA ± ana.

— When I burn a CD in Nero, I have low volume level?
like me to stay I can remedy the volume as high pocible, when I burn a MP3 file to any player Music of CDA.

— How to fix a walkman mp3 player?
Hello So I want to know if they can help me and tell me how this player is an open-142f NWB has 2 screws winged USB connection and remove them but that alone does not open and is not open as you can see, and if so, how I can fix it if they do not turn up the volume to a fall devido hopefully answer thank you very much in advance

— Quà © think about the new Sony series B mp3?
-shaped bar, I have one blue NWZ-B133′m not convinced I’ve used a week has little volume, and are very fragile, Adema s are very sensitive to touch if you put insurance. and the battery does not last long.

— how I can make the pc I accept the mp3, psp ..?
my problem is that when I connect the mp3 to pc m sets: the hard disk drive and no format would you like to give one?.
doi him to “if” m out another box where it says:
capacity: 245 mb
File System: FAT 32 or FAT (here I have a question which is correct, but the 2 pruevo and will not)
tamaà ± or allocation unit: ± tamaà or default mapping
volume label: (blank)
Quick Format (unchecked, but when I pruevo marking still no go)
doi to him as “start” and looks like the bar d load down but then puts m: windows can not complete the format.

this also happens to me with the psp, other mp3 .. and if they work in another pc

— need suggestion for ambient music?
I’m putting a new office and I would like to install environmental music. I remember that before that service programusic habÃa if there not only todavÃa ©. But now with so much technology and computers to MP3, Quà © I can suggest to buy. They say 4 office rooms, where could put a speaker in every room n, link them to a computer, or DVD algae º n, not only is it more © s advisable. I need an amplifier, how to control the volume, anyway. Thanks

— as you can do to modify my mp3 to be heard more????
how I can make my music player is heard louder or else how I can up the volume to the songs without much problem ………. thanks greetings

— problems with mp3?
Hey guys, I tell you my problem: a week ago I bought a Philips MP3 rproductor a 1gb, well all right until three days later he appeared to get off an update, the lower and then did not recognize the issues and threw me an error, also could not get it out of safe mode (said there was a problem with the generic volume) and group folders became Roman numerals and hieroglyphics, as luckily I changed it but I should update my mp3 or leave it, which must have been the problem …….

— like turning up the volume (decibels) to a song?
with that program do not affect the quality, use mp3 gain but to let them hear some ugly as it rumbles and more or less as a few decibels should be I put at 100

— For Mp3, Mp4 is best in sound?
I wonder which of the MP3 or MP4 player has better sound and volume I mean you can listen to say you have very good strong sound and outside of Sony Walkman and also this at an affordable price, but very good :)

— What is the cell with better sound quality on the market?
What is the best sound in terms of tone reproduction mp3 actually not looking for a SE Walkman or something q I play music (for that I have my player), but has better speaker q, q not much distortion tones mp3s, having good volume … really just looking for that in a cell

I have spoken well of rockr E1 and q has 2 speakers, which I recommend?

— as comprising a mp3?
Ola friends I have a mp3 with usb input and not as latches, the only thing that has caught on in a blue circle surrounds the k button play / pause ..
These are the buttons you have, zap, back, play / pause, arrows to change songs, the up and down buttons for volume, bass and a bar that says hold.
Which of these is paid and comes on?

— “Experts” help with recording mp3?
I recorded some CDs in mp3 format (data cd) but I hate it when I put in my home theater listening to very low volume tell if my computer is 9000 watts is heard as if 5000 watts.
when recording a CD in (audio cd) sounds great but will only come about 15 songs
anyone know how to configure to get better audio quality on my mp3
use windows media player

— as I turn on my mp3?
what happens is that an aunt who lives far away gave me a mp3 without packaging or anything, just the mp3 and hearing aids, what happens is that no and turn it on, no screen and only has the volume buttons to change songs and the> / ll I put the battery and you hear a sound like I was on, I put play and nothing happens.

This is the mp3
Coby MP200
and add music
— Because
vol. my mp3 under?
I have a philips mp3 funcioando to me very well, I have some time with him and I have not had ninguan fails more than the fact that one day suddenly the volume down considerably ..
The maximum volume is heard as if half of what it really should be.
No it is due and if not have a solution, could you help me?

— some mp3 compressor?
is that I want a compressor that resembles mp3 diet, is no longer grabs my computer, the fact is that I want one that does not bring in the warm, though you turn down the volume.

— is about a mp3 …?
I want to buy an mp3, which contains these features: reprodusca videos of very good quality and are easy to put the player (no need to buy or difficult to convert to a format), with at least 4GB of memory, fm radio, volume is good and clear sound … that the battery lasted a lot watching videos … need not be known brand like ipod, all I want is that the functionality is very good without many complications, that when I get off of ares videos and music, the goal quickly to my player … prices if I can say they are grateful if it does not matter … agradesco is the …

— cell algae º n wifi android and flash?
I mean camera flash xd .. I need the android because many applications need to lose .. the wifi because I have a lot of work on the Internet .. flash and I love taking pictures 8D
well ..
What phone do you recommend?

no matter if it is 3g
only you have:
-Camera Flash
-Good sound volume
Mp3,. bluetoth
and not exceeding 2,300

oh and I do not recommend the nokia c3, because it has no flash xd

PS: no matter if you have android … only important thing is the flash .. and wifi ..


— MP3 files?
Some of you know how to do to normalize MP3 files when recording a CD.

What I will do is the following:
I have music in MP3 format and I want to burn a CD with NERO, but when I do the songs rise and low volume and that is precisely what to avoid, what I want is that eg. (IF YOU CAN) with NERO normalize songs to be recorded and reproduce at a single level of volume.

THANKS in advance!


— It strikes me that in the Metro del DF sell records?
really bothers me that people climb Speakers q give your ears to loud selling pirated CDs, until the Government of Mexico City will remove all those vendors q both annoy users. the problem is t q if they put the people have jumped this mesclada q that protects and assaults you, is a real mafia.

So when the people of the City will allow these mafias q gobiernen.Je us apart I like re q lower your fat because I have my mp3 porq its noise beats my player

— Hello! Recomiendenme please, a program to record mp3.?
I tried to record music mp3 from PC to disc with Nero Essentials, but I can put the same amount of songs. Probably does not have this tool or adjustment, that’s why I want to know if there is another version of nero grà tis, or a similar program that is good or program edition of music and it has this option. © lot to thank them Gua-in.

— Need help I have 19 years ± os and not hear well for 1 day Urgent!?
Hello just yesterday I started with some problems in my ears, well the problem esque hear everything very dull and serious , as if the configuration needs covered, but is a minor annoyance, it all started yesterday because my headphones were broken and we would hear bad, after that I’m like that feeling of lack of fidelity in my 3 ears.

I have 19 years ± os and had never suffered peoblemas hearing in my life, I have no family genetics on these problems.

esque curious I like to listen to music every day in my MP3 player to a slightly higher volume, and pressed his ear to me to feel that sense of under.

I listen to about 2 hours a day normamelmente high-volume music.

Help me, I’ll stay like that? I take off?

how long is this happening?

What do I do? Help me

— I need a mp3 converter 10 points?
hello need a converter to compress MP3 songs without quality volume lower wing song
I count on your support

— Help with my Motorola V360 cell?
how I can do to have more volume, explain to me step by step and if I upload a file as the cell.

Also, step aveses MP3 songs and says “invalid format” and I have several songs in the same format, which is what happened, and if it does not support that format how I can do it for me accept

— Help with MP3 files?
I have some mp3 files, and the tags is information that says something like, for example:
* Track Gain: -2.800000 dB

Some records indicate s more, some less. I do not like to change the volume of files, though some are heard very little volume is better that way and not all at even.
Someone who knows and can explain to me please which is the “Track Gain”. I was looking for information on the web but everything is in English and Russian.


— In Windows XP there an application to manage application launching?
In Windows XP there an application to manage application launching? Example, sometimes working with mp3 files, I have the application “X” file that makes more small ± os for my mp3 player, but after converting, I want to change the volume with the application “and”. Obviously tengoque wait ends against the monitor application “X” to jump-start the application “and”. There are some application where you can schedule and say, “when the application” X “is complete, the application” and “must start”?? Sounds crazy, but nothing is impossible computation.

— which means ringing in both ears feel many times a day?
And it hurts!
It is since I bought an MP3 © to listen not leave, from a year ago ± or traumatized me with the music in the compu. S In addition, once traveling by bus at night © DORMA and when I woke © sents a terrible screeching in my ears.
Every day I feel like your ears are going to explode very soon and that my brother is listening to loud music which distresses me more s. What do I do? It is dangerous to be ± at my audition n? Just I have 16 year º n I have time?
Graciasa ™ ¥

For a year ± or listen to music with headphones, nomas in compuâ ™ ¥
Detail again:

The more music I listen to what s possible but quietly so you can enjoy it, like now hear “Principles of Lust” of Enigmaâ ™ ¥

— where is the ecualisador in ares? ecualisador and in windows media player?
where the hell are the ecualisadores
nesesito eske listen to music all
awantan bosinitas volume and my good father and be heard
are jbl always connect to a mp3 and listen chido but
obio put my favorite genre of rock music! is distorted and therefore un poko
I have modified the ecualisador k
but dodne this?

— the vocinas my psp with Muscia squeal but not much?
is that before my psp was heard sounded great but tough (tough to be heard other songs that psp I turned up the volume to the songs with mp3 gain but I went up the vloumen to 105.0) and half are squeaking a bit vocinas help me to remove the squeal to vocinas or songs
and also tell me how to repair vocinas esque good if you can
I forgot to tell you another thing that games are heard loud screams so not in the game but not in a good two or three songs I was not screaming is what makes rumbles but if not so be it.
also in the videos that you hear kind and downloaded the songs and not heard rumbles just as well tell the truth who knows it.

— Recomià © ndenme a publisher of songs for mobile?
Please, I want to edit and add mp3 as caller ring as my cel, 300kb only accepts files as ring, is a Samsung SGH-i617, and if you know how to unlock it and turn up the ringer volume step, you know everything! Thank you.

— As I burn a disc with these categories?
Hello, I have a friend that burns in a normal disc of 80 minutes, as he does not burn but 2:32 hours was the last album I sold it and the only thing and noticed that the audio format is mp3 and the volume of the songs is not very strong with that program not do that as it does not need help thanks: D

— problemos with mp3 motorokr w5?
q I have a problem I really think something inexplicable … Player of the cell does not play the songs, with the volume in the top … the second move as if playing, but not sound. The strange thing is that when I put a song as ringtone or alarm clock sounds normally at q q I realize the problem is not the phone’s audio .. : S. …

— recommend a sony ericson or whatever with these features quickly???
good I need a phone with these features bluetooth mp3 player with great bone volume to be heard without handsfree , that can expand up to 1GB or more and that can happen via bluetooth games is all good and not so expensive that not exceeding 3,000 pesos is all

— I can change this © inmate of a 2003 Astra Comfort?
I have a 2003 Astra comfort assembled in Belgium and my question is if I can change the original by a conventional stereo mp3 and still use the controls volume and track number on the steering wheel.

— faults LG Shine??
buy a lg shine, not that I decided to. it turns out that I have configured to sound profiles with specific pitch and volume determined and always sounds like you want. ie short, with the same melody. and move it, check the configuration, but according to this as I lay, the problem is that nunk sounds like that. is more and even tried putting a mp3 ringtone, but even selected rings as you want. Not heard. What to do? Anyone have this problem with crappy phone?

— I need help with my car stereo know that buying source?
look I have a car stereo plays DVD, MP3, MP4, MEMORY CARD, USB …… but the volume is not enough and brings unamigo recommended I buy a power supply or amplifier because I want to sound strong bass, I have two subwoofers 96db but I have no idea how to make them sound the maximum then the question is: I buy an amp or buy a fountain? and whatever you do or wats power has to be? if I want to sound strong muuuuuuyy low (the rumble) SPEAKER my …………….

— not sound the volume of my motorola Q!?
help! I just bought a motorola Q the problem is that when playing the MP3 music is heard softly, and everything and not turn up ASA, the weirdest thing is that the buzzer sounds good! help! Dara © 5 stars!

— What functions does the blackberry flip 8220 and how long I can last on msn and stuff?
hi this phone is that I saw and liked but did not have pro features that the functions are looking to have Internet, messenger, mp3 player, video, images, bluetooth, but bno want to know how much the battery lasts? Does long distance wi-fi? Is your volume? and nothing more

Ok I hope your answers bno
O zi which no one I recommend is q = q of pressures have put everything Ok thank q
What key
— © program I can use as a mixer / recorder studio?
Not only © if someone knows the program Garritan Personal Orchestra. Sound is a bookstore operated programs n musical notation, and has the function will export WAV files, which after © s convert to MP3.

Is there algae º n program that can work with this file, something like a mixer that works for the “master” and after © s to be written to CD with very good quality (as mixers recording studio n) ? For sale WAV file, for example, with a very low volume, low frequencies a little distorted, without any public equalizacià type ³ n, in order …

A simple software, not so professional, but not so simple, preferably free.

Thank you!

PS: If you need clarification ALGA º n detail, please dÃganme.

— I have a mini amplifier 500 w Mitzu?
what happens is no longer working esque output for speakers and as I have it on my bike and I use it with an mp3 player when accelerated decrease the volume of the music and Aque aunmenta brake is that?””

— Any program to control my music player??
I have an MP3 player and it was therefore the button to increase the volume broke down, I wanted to know if there are any programs so that we can climb the volume from my computer without the broken button. And I hope I can get some answers.

— Download mp3 music …?
How to do I know, when desccargar music, recording volume ³ n that brings the music file? (Regardless of volume that gives me the repruducira), is that I have a mp4 where I play and I resent having to walk up the volume if they recorded very softly or walk down the volume if the file was recorded with high volume. .. There is a way to anticipate that kind of thing?

thank you!

— What’s wrong with my mp3?
Well … When I turn it begins to pass the names of the songs too fast, not let me put play, or change the volume, or to stop doing that … Just turn it on and off. But if I connect to a computer or the computer if it works. Already formatted, and you look and no virus …
The problem is that I have the installation disk because I used gave … So … not to do.

You think that if I could find another way to arrelgarlo be asking here? ¬ ¬

— I conbiene this iPhone Dock Speaker for SNOY brand sold in best buy mexico?
Search found me curiously © at Best Buy Mexico with this Promotion Board Sega º n this a horn speaker Sony in deal 2699 to 1295 pesos here I leave a photo and specifications of the horn and tell me if
Conbiene or only until 39 August this supply Sega º n this

Featured CaracterÃ-sticas

Base and load
Plays music and videos from iPod ® or iPhone ® and CA rgalo while
Sound quality is © reo
Superior sound quality with 20W RMS output + 20W for your entire collection of music from iTunes
Remote WLAN access point
Control your music remotely and wirelessly thanks to the remote control supplied with your WLAN access point features full iPod ® menu
Prà tactical control panel tactile
To adjust the sound easily
Connect your music player plays MP3 digital and blaring sound quality with acoustic Fanta (cable supplied)

— sorry, but I need help and there are more people here!?
Fallas LG Shine??
buy a lg shine, not that I decided to. it turns out that I have configured to sound profiles with specific pitch and volume determined and always sounds like you want. ie short, with the same melody. and move it, check the configuration, but according to this as I lay, the problem is that nunk sounds like that. is more and even tried putting a mp3 ringtone, but even selected rings as you want. Not heard. What to do? Anyone have this problem with crappy phone?

— saying soundstream brand and this particular model for 3700 right?


Touchscreen electronic functions (TOUCH SCREEN) INCLUDES DVD, RADIO, USB Y-MP 3/4


All functions are reproduced on screen via OSD (14 languages)




RADIO AM / FM with 30 presets AVAILABLE (18/FM – 12/AM)

Auto search preset stations

4 Channel High Power 50 X 4 (MOSFET)

RCA dual outputs (FRONT AND REAR)

AVAILABLE subwoofer output (80, 120, 160 HZ)


One auxiliary video output Installation rearview camera






Resolution: 1440×234

Last position memory in Playback DVD



— Looking for a program of sound edition queâ € |?
Greetings, I recommend desearÃa algae º n good program for sound edition, being especÃfico seek the following features:

* It can handle multiple œcapasâ â € €? sound in the file, and that these can unilaterally change the.
* You can save the file ending in mp3 format.
* You can change the volume of each of the elements inserted.

Thank you in advance for your recommendations.

— Because I can not use my function AUX Head Unit?
Well, I have this stereo, a Pioneer Premier DEH-P580MP:

Back has an input and 3.5mm headset, there I put an “extension” or “cable adapter” that the two ends have the 3.5mm plug. And when I plug my mp3, iPod, Mylo, phone, etc, etc, the whole lower unit volume and I can not hear anything from my portable digital media, jajajajajajaja XD.

Perhaps I am wrong, or need to buy a special cable??? I have no manual, available on the Internet but it is not on that. Thank you!


— I have a player usb and those that are will have q fails?.?
for eschar light it up and down repeatedly and volume so as not to enjoy the music, someone mepuede say it has? or repair sitiene




The answer always be be the same: download, test and use Mp3Gain PRO

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