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Mp3Gain Alternative:

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Mp3Gain alternative for 2015

Mp3Gain PRO is the most modern and updated to use Mp3Gain option. No clipping, no problems, just one button and the work is done.
PRO Mp3Gain not need to "compare" mp3 files in a single album or a collection to get all the mp3s get the same volume level.

Volume Booster Mp3 - Mp3 Gain in one single step.

Mp3Gain PRO analyzes millions of frames (every second mp3 is a 44 thousand frames) and optimizes all, so you always have the same level of volume gain. Mp3Gain PRO does not depend on tags, but actually corrects the file so that you could hear on any device, burn a CD, DVD or listen to it on any computer and always with the same perfect sound volume.
Mp3Gain PRO can be downloaded in its trial version, so you can check the high quality audio that offers comparable with sophisticated audio equipment which costs thousands of dollars. Mp3Gain PRO costs less than 30 dollars. So more and more stations radio and television broadcasters professionals use daily. Some of the major broadcasters have included Mp3Gain PRO as part of their basic and essential software.

Mp3Gain PRO is the most modern and updated option available this year to improve the volume of your music. In fact, it contains a much more sophisticated and complex algorithm, those older algorithms that were used 10 years ago.
The reason is simple: the hardware has evolved and there are very many different devices and you need that music sounds best possible volume level, regardless of the device you use.
If you use Mp3Gain PRO, sound as well, in terms of quality and volume level, if you listen to your mp3 on your iPhone, Android, Tablet, etc. On any computer, at any headset in any DVD, etc. The music will always have the best possible volume level, and superb sound quality.